CryptoAction Meeting of WG2 Protocol Analysis on 26/04/2015 in Sofia

This meeting fosters exchange between researchers working on the cryptographic analysis of real-world protocols such as TLS, SSH, QUIC etc.. We will have several talks of 45 minutes (different timing possible on request) on recent results in the area of protocol analysis, for example, analyses of protocols, new techniques, new models, new attacks. You can speak about your own work, or work by others that inspired you. If you would like to give a talk, please mention this in the registration before March 4, 2015. Not all people will be able to speak, and the organizers might have to make a choice.

This event is collocated with Eurocrypt 2015. Concurrently, there will be meetings on the implementation and verification of cryptography and on cryptographic primitives, see the COST website.

Organization: Please use to contact Christina Brzuska who is the WG leader of WG2.


We have a number of stipends available through COST for researchers from these countries. The standard upper bound on re-imbursement for travel cost such as flights is 500 EUR. For attendees coming from Israel, the upper bound is 700 EUR. The WG meeting is collocated with Eurocrypt 2015. If you want to attend Eurocrypt and the WG meeting, it is possible for you to book you flight (or other transportation) so that you can attend both and still get re-imbursed through COST. Besides the flight (or other transportation), stipends comprise a flatrate of 100 euro/night for hotel rooms (up to two nights, that is 25/04-27/04) and a flatrate for meals. Applications for stipends that are submitted by March 4, 2015, receive full consideration.

Logistic Information

For location, hotels and other logistic information, see the main COST website.


Tee and coffee will be served in the room and be available throughout the morning session.

Registration and Application for Stipends

To register, please send an eMail to the following eMail address: with subject "Registration WG2 Meeting 2015". The eMail should include your name, affiliation and country. If you would like to give a talk, please send a title and abstract and estimated duration (if different from 45 minutes). Moreover, if you apply for a stipend, please include some information about you. In this case, to keep the administrative overhead for stipend applications low, if you have been working on the area of cryptographic protocol analysis, you can just provide a link to your webpage, your dblp-entry or google scholar profile. If you have not yet published in that area, please write a short statement why you would be interested in attending.